Monday, March 20, 2017

10th Anniversary

We spent a wonderful 10th anniversary together at Lake Las Vegas. We shopped, ate, and slept in!! It was just so great to be together without the distraction of kids, work, church callings, and marathon training. I look over these past 10 years and can't help but feel humble at all our blessings. Every step of the way we have seen the hand of the lord, especially this year with our big move and nicks recent job change (going out on his own). Through all the ups and downs we have had each other to lean on and offer support. 

Traditional picture of our family at the spot we got engaged

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Some Craziness Just Happened

Last weekend was so crazy, one for the books! I was at the temple with Emily when I get a text from Nick saying that he broke his arm skateboarding with the girls. OUCH! We ran him over to Dad's office and sure enough he had a radial head fracture. Luckily is just requires a splint/sling and no cast. But it was sore and he can't do anything to help me around the house or with the kids. Which leads me to my next thing. Jack is a nightmare! Like 15/10 bad!! Jack why oh why are you wreaking havoc like this on my poor life. He started climbing out of his bed about a month ago and has not slept through the night since. He climbs out and kicks his door (which we have baby locked) over and over. He will go hours kicking it and screaming "mom where are you?" Since Nick is hurt he can't help me at night with him. Jack is also refusing naps...lets say we are all sleep deprived! During the day he does everything naughty you can imagine! He gets in my car and eats all my gum, climbs in the fridge, breaks everything, finds and eats all our chapstick, puts toothpaste in his name it he has done it. My sweet little boy has turned in a tornado of crazy. On top of all this crazy I was made Young Women's President for our ward. Holy cow I am stressed. Excited but so under water. YW is the busiest calling in the ward and I am struggling to keep up. But I know I am there for a purpose and that this adjustment will pass. Next week is Nick and I's 10 year anniversary and I guess I am officially an adult right?! Life sure is wonderful, fast passed, and meaningful all wrapped into one amazing package. I could never image a life filled with so much love, joy, laughter, sleepless nights, and everyday simplicity!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Presidents Day Weekend

Alice's birthday almost always buts up next to Presidents Day Weekend. All she wanted to do for her birthday was head up to the cabin to play in snow with her cousins. That is just what we did!! Emily came up with her boys, Caity and Clara came down with their hubbies, and of course grandma and grandpa came up. It was a big Camp weekend and Alice loved it. Unfortunatley it was freezing and snowy so it made skiing not so much fun but we still went. We only went for half the day and it was perfect amount of time. The rest of the time we ate and watched movies...cabin perfection!! Happy Birthday Alice!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Alice Turns 5!


Alice is just about the sweetest, cuddliest, squishiest, kissable creature on the planet!! I am loving her big smile and CONSTANT happy demeanor. She is simply a joy to be around. She still can be a little sassy and bossy but really that is mostly turned to kindness. I see her mother and take care of Jack all day. She gets him drinks, opens his fruit snacks, and turns on his favorite TV shows. In the afternoon we love to snuggle up and watch a "mommy show" and read books. Alice loves preschool and all her friends. She lives such a carefree and social life. Everyday is filled with friends, park dates, preschool, and activities (dance and tennis). She adores her favorite stuffed animal Twinkle ( a tie dyed beanie boo bear) and all her blankets. We have to tuck her in every night just the perfect way with her 4 blankets all on top of her. Alice wins the heart of every person she meets. All her teachers at school, dance, and church adore Alice's charming personality, bright smile, and gorgeous golden hair. I love how easy it is to be around her and how excited she is about life!! Her new missing front tooth melts my heart too. Her happiness is contagious and I have to kiss her chubby cheeks a 100 times day. Alice never forget that you are so, so loved!

Her favorites
TV show- Little Mermaid, Octonauts, Trolls Movie and anything- she loves TV
Food- Mac n' cheese (everyday for lunch)
Toy- Beanie Boos (she has like 20 of them and nows all their names and LOVES them), dolls
Book- Olivia
Color- bright pink
best friend- Scarlett and Maddie (from school)
Activity- going to the cabin, watching her TV shows, playing make believe, and being with friends

For her birthday we got special pedicures at the nail salon and then drove up to cabin to spend Presidents day weekend. Alice loves the cabin and request going to the cabin for her birthday months ago. So off we went per her request! All she wanted for her birthday was a hair salon for her dolls and lots and lots of beanie boos...her wish was granted!!

She loves posing for pictures

making cupcakes for her school class

eating her favorite food mac n' cheese

Getting our nails done

Monday, January 30, 2017

January Goals

This year I am trying to do a simple goal each month throughout the year. For January I got rid of social media on my phone and tried to "live in the moment" and put my phone down. I was a little nervous as I love instagram and checking in on all my friends. But I did not miss it at all!! I loved being more present in the simple/boring moments of life. When I sit next to scarlett doing her homework I am more engaged and not on my phone. When Jack is playing outside I actually watch and enjoy his smile instead of check my phone. It has been so refreshing to take a break from other peoples lives on social media and focus on my own. I will go back to it on my phone eventually but will change how I look at it and who I follow. No more following stores and shops that just drive me to spend more money. No more following "fashion bloggers" that make me dissatisfied with my wardrobe and house. I didn't even realize that I felt that way until I distanced myself from social media. I feel that following friends and family is wonderful but other shops and people is a waste of my thought and time. So here is to February and a new goal!

January has been filled with me starting to train for my marathon in April. It has been a physically hard month as I have had to adjust to waking up at 5am every morning except Sunday. But I love training with Emily and all my wonderful friends. They are all such inspiring women and mothers. As we run we never listen to music or "plug in". Instead, we take turns talking to each other and instigating good conversation. I love learning more about these women and not just running next to them. 2 days ago we ran 16 miles along a rocky, hilly trail, and we all loved it!! Not one of the 10 women brought headphones and we all enjoyed wonderful conversation as we watched the sunrise over the mountains. It was gorgeous and inspiring! When I was done I felt so renewed to be a better version of myself. So here is to another month of training!

Jack has become upsets with dressing up in all the girls princess dresses. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weekend at the Cabin

We loved spending the long MLK weekend up at the cabin. This time it was just our little family and I loved having it be simple. I took both girls skiing on Saturday and spending time with each of them indivuatlly was such a treat. Scarlett came with me in the morning and she was ready to hit the big slopes within a half hour. I was amazed how much she remembered from last year. Skiing with her was a breeze!! She could put her skies on by herself, pick herself up if she fell, and could on and off the lift without assistance. All I had to do was try and keep up with her. Alice on the other hand was very labor intensive and hands on. We just went up and down the tiny baby hill (the one at the bottom of the bunny hill). But she loved it and was all smiles! There was something so meaningful seeing my girls go down the very trails I went down at their age. I loved making those same memories with them and hope they remember it all with fondness. How lucky I am to have been taught how not only how to ski but snowboard as well. I am thankful my parents took the time and spent the money to give me so many talents. I was able to make such wonderful memories with both the girls (and not have to put them in ski school) because I can ski myself. The rest of the weekend was movies, snow playing, and sledding! Not the most relaxing weekend but one we all will remember.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Best of 2016

1. Moving into our new house
2. Scarlett getting into Smalley
3. Alice starting preschool with all her friends
4. 3 amazing weddings (Clarah, Caity, and Chloe)
5. Visiting Banff, Canada and Newport, CA

This year my heart has been filled gratitude. We moved to the most perfect house in the best area. We all feel that this house was meant for us and that this area of town was just where we were supposed to be. I feel so at home here and I have not missed our old house or ward for 1 day (despite loving our old area and ward). My biggest fears with moving was that I would 1. not be happy with the house or area 2. feel homesick for our old house 3. not know why we had to wait and wait to move. None of those fears have come true. I know why when we tried to move in the past it didn't feel right...we were waiting for this house. I feel it every day that this house was made for us, it just needed to become vacant so we could move in. I go running almost every morning with dear, dear friends and I think, as the sun rises over the valley, "our corner of the universe is so, so beautiful!!" I thank my heavenly father for answering my prayers and blessing us with wonderful area to raise our family.  

It has also been a trying year as we have lost many beloved grandparents. Nick lost his grandpa and grandma Strobelt and I lost my grandma Woodbury. They are greatly missed but we think of them so often. I feel my grandma so close to me in my times of need and I know she is with me. I love this gospel and the wonderful plan of salvation. They are but a moment away and I know I will see them again.  

Some of my Favorits from 2016